everyworldneedslove said: single dad au: tony's daughter gets her first crush when she's in the 2nd grade and tony just can't. i mean, he's alternating between WTF you are TOO YOUNG and I was NOT PREPARED, but on the other hand you are MY GIRL and you will BREAK ALL THE HEARTS. And the poor girl gets so confused she unloads on poor steve during a sleepover and he talks her around and then goes and talks tony down from the rafters, too.


lolol steve reminding him that his daughter is in SECOND grade so it’s not like it’s going to amount to anything. but he really needs to get over it because it’s probably only going to get worse and what, are you going to pull out a shotgun when she brings her first date home?

and tony mumbles something about building a suit of armor and steve laughs 

but tony sighs and just says that he’s worried because he’s a single dad with a daughter and he’s not sure how to handle certain things and it’s only going to get harder

and steve just smiles and says something about how yeah, but single dad or not, that’s what all parents feel. besides he’s not really single is he?

and tony gives him a cheeky looks and asks, “why? you got a crush on me, rogers?” and steve just rolls his eyes but leans in and kisses him anyway

"you know it," he says and pulls back. tony smiles at him.

"so how did you handle it?" tony asks

"handle what?"

"your girls first crush?"

steve’s eyes widen. “what? who? tell me his name, i’ll kill him!”

tony laughs

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Would you rather be a pack leader or a pack member? (x)

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more terribad babysitter!au that no one asked for because what

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Derek this-is-such-bullcrap Hale

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